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Kawasaki launches e-commerce platform

Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., announced that it has launched an e-commerce platform on its official website, Kawasaki.com, supported by the integrating retail service Shopatron. The online retail space gives consumers the ability to purchase genuine Kawasaki accessories, apparel and gifts, with the option of having those items shipped directly to a local dealer or to a personal address.

All genuine Kawasaki products purchased through Kawasaki.com are shipped FREE if consumers choose to pick up their items at a local participating dealer, helping to build a stronger relationship between dealers and their customers. Direct to consumer shipping is available via standard shipping rates.

“Consumer retail has evolved considerably in recent years. Online e-commerce dominates the marketplace, and is an integral part of today’s business,” said Kawasaki accessories marketing and sales manager, Holly Hagerman. “The introduction of the e-commerce platform on Kawasaki.com allows the company to increase the number of customers going to the dealers while also increasing customer satisfaction.“

The Kawasaki.com website has catered to the consumer experience since its launch, with easy navigation, large pictures and a variety of product images. The site welcomes over 25,000 visitors a month on the accessories homepage and the new integrated e-commerce platform from Shopatron will allow those visitors to purchase genuine Kawasaki products directly from Kawasaki’s distribution network.

“One of the most compelling statistics in integrating the Shopatron service was the amount of traffic that it brought to dealers,” continued Hagerman. “The ability to bring more customers into the dealerships is critical, as additional in-store purchases are made over 40 percent of the time. It also allows consumers to see the wide range of products Kawasaki currently has to offer, establishing a relationship with their local dealer.”

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