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Timbersled reveals 2017 lineup

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Polaris Industries Inc. (NYSE: PII) introduced the 2017 Timbersled lineup February 29th in Sandy, Utah. Timbersled, the brand that revolutionized the sport and is fueling the rapid growth in the popularity of snow biking, has introduced an expanded and improved model year 2017 lineup to serve the performance demands of all types of riders. The new 2017 Timbersled models feature enhanced suspension options with premium shocks, stronger new rear skid assemblies, a new high-performance driveline chain, and bold new styling.

Riders can enjoy snow biking when a Timbersled system is installed on a dirt bike. This exciting, relatively new winter sport allows dirt bike riders to go from dirt to snow and back again. Only Timbersled offers the complete convertibility that lets a dirt bike owner ride that favorite bike year-round – converting it to a snow bike for exciting winter riding.

Timbersled is about breaking boundaries, going new places, and experiencing new terrain in what used to be the off-season for dirt bike riders. It makes it easy for riders to go anywhere and do whatever they can imagine – year-round. To some, the great appeal is easily carving their first turn in a meadow, and to others it’s hitting jumps and crossing steep sidehills.


ST 120 LE
ST 120 LE

The 2017 lineup features a Timbersled system for every type of rider, and all riders will benefit from the new and improved features found throughout the lineup.

  • The NEW ST 120 RAW delivers exciting performance and outstanding value.
  • The ST 120 and LT 137 are versatile, all-around top performers available with either a 120″ or a 137″ track so riders can choose the setup that best suits their riding style and home terrain.
  • The NEW ST 120 LE and NEW LT 137 LE are special Limited Edition models equipped with the premium FOXZERO QS3-R Shocks that are available only through SnowCheck (for details, see below).
  • And the sporty SX 120 is a limited-build model with a 2″ narrower track and premium FOX ZERO QS3-R Shocks. This model is also available only through SnowCheck.

SnowCheck is a limited-time order period when riders can pre-order a Timbersled System and receive SnowCheck-exclusive offers and equipment options. SnowCheck runs from February 29, 2016, through April 12, 2016.


Here’s how a Timbersled system converts a dirt bike into a snow bike and opens up an exciting new form of winter riding: A Timbersled front assembly, equipped with a wide ski, replaces the bike’s front wheel, and a skid frame, suspension, and track replace the rear wheel. The bike’s engine powers the track, and the rider uses the bike’s seating and controls while riding.

A Timbersled conversion kit can be installed or removed in approximately three hours, making it easy for dirt bike owners to enjoy thrilling off-road riding year-round. Timbersleds are lightweight, narrow, and highly maneuverable. They can be ridden through deep powder snow, up and down mountains, across snow-covered meadows, through ravines, and more.

Timbersled systems fit a wide range of modern motocross and off-road dirt bikes from the early ‘90s to today. Because the Timbersled system is universal, it requires a motorcycle model-specific installation kit (or “fit kit”) that includes all the necessary mounting pieces.

There are Timbersled dealers across North America so riders everywhere can convert their favorite dirt bikes into snow bikes for year-round riding fun.



Several new accessories introduced with the 2017 model lineup will enhance the Timbersled riding and ownership experience. New items include cargo solutions such as a Tunnel Bag that installs easily near the rear of the bike, and a Number Plate Bag that installs up front. There’s also a convenient Fuel Storage Solution that lets a rider carry extra fuel, and a new cover that protects the snow bike when it’s parked, being trailered, or being stored. A strong new ramp makes it easy to load and unload a Timbersled.


During the SnowCheck order period (February 29, 2016, through April 12, 2016), three models – the ST 120 LE, LT 137 LE, and SX 120 – are available with the premium FOX ZERO QS3 suspension and limited edition graphics packages. There are also custom color options available for every model except the ST 120 RAW. Complete details about SnowCheck order options are available at and from participating Timbersled dealers.

ST 120 LE
ST 120 LE

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