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Arctic Cat unveils 2017 snowmobile lineup

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Arctic Cat Inc. (NASDAQ: ACAT) today unveiled its snowmobile lineup for the 2017 model year, including the SVX 450, which is the industry’s first OEM purpose-built, single-ski snow vehicle. Arctic Cat also introduced the industry’s most powerful 180-horsepower turbo engine and 19 all-new snowmobile models in a line that includes 84 snowmobiles with enhanced components, exciting new body styling and weight reductions for improved power-to-weight performance.

Commented Arctic Cat President and CEO Christopher Metz: “We are ramping up our end-user focused new products and introducing a larger snowmobile lineup for the 2017 model year. We have entered an all-new category with the lightweight and agile SVX 450 snow bike, which will be purpose built to meet all snowmobile certification standards. We also released the industry’s most powerful turbo engine in several new 9000 Series models, including our new Arctic Cat ZR Thundercat. The 2017 line demonstrates our commitment to deliver the ultimate off-road riding experience for customers.” 


All-New SVX 450 Snow Bike

Arctic Cat launches a variety of firsts for the snowmobile industry and enters a new product category with the introduction of the SVX 450 purpose-built snow bike.

Snow biking is a growing sport across western North America. Arctic Cat’s patented SVX 450 is designed to provide an exciting new experience for riders who want the lightest, most affordable vehicle for mountain riding.

The development of the SVX 450’s revolutionary single-beam skid frame was a collaborative effort between Arctic Cat and Camso – the industry leader in track designs – to be lightweight and agile, and provide traction on the steepest hills and backcountry adventures. The front precision-engineered ski complements the rear suspension, providing the maximum amount of flotation in deep snow and accurate handling and control on the trail, while the powerful 450cc, 4-stroke engine with electronic fuel injection propels the SVX through unchartered snow terrain.

9000 Series Turbo Engine

The all-new 9000 Series C-TEC4 is a turbocharged, three-cylinder engine that produces an exhilarating and industry-leading 180 horsepower. This new 998cc 4-stroke engine features an intercooled turbo for maximum horsepower in all conditions. To achieve high performance and durability in the lightest configuration, the DOHC design is matched with: new 4-hole fuel injectors; engine braking control via an idle speed circuit and engine mapping; lightweight aluminum cylinders; and a press forged crankshaft. It offers ultra-quick throttle and turbo response, and is 10 lbs lighter than the 1100 turbo Suzuki twin that powered previous 9000 Series Arctic Cat snowmobiles. The new 998cc turbo engine is designed and built by Arctic Cat’s OEM partner Yamaha.

All new body styling complements the new 9000 engine, delivering improved airflow for better engine cooling. Easy-to-remove side panels offer quick access and are matched by an all-new easy on/off hood assembly.

New 2017 snowmobiles available with the 9000 Series Turbo engine: all ZRmodels, including the new ZR Thundercat; and the XF Cross Trek, XF Cross Country and XF High Country.



M Series Mountain Sleds

Arctic Cat’s mountain engineering team continues to push the boundaries of lightweight performance and handling with the 2017 line of M Series mountain snowmobiles. Five unique packages are available – each benefiting from new features, key weight reductions and best-in-class durability, including the all-new Mountain Cat version, which has a lowered driveshaft, narrower running boards and increased forward foot placement for maximum backcountry performance. All 2017 M Series snowmobiles benefit from a weight reduction effort that cuts up to 6 lbs, depending upon the model and track length. The result is an improved power-to-weight performance to climb mountains with ease.


ZR High-Performance RS Edition

Arctic Cat’s new, extremely limited-edition 2017 RS Edition ZR6000 is a celebration of the man whose passion for Arctic Cat snowmobiles spans 55 years and whose innovative spirit is immeasurable – the legendary Roger Skime. These limited production RS sleds will be personally signed by Roger Skime.

For more than five decades, Skime has spearheaded many of the most innovative snowmobiles and designs, thanks to his competitive spirit and insatiable desire to build the best snowmobiles in the world. His dedication to Arctic Cat has inspired generations of engineers and riders whose passion reflects his example. And through it all he became a living legend.

The RS Edition ZR 6000 reflects that legendary passion with a unique, commemorative styling design and component selection. The foundation of the RS is the class-leading power of the C-TEC2 600 2-stroke engine and the bump-taming ride of the lightweight ProCross chassis wrapped in the all-new body styling found on all 2017 9000 models.


Crossover Models – All-New Cross Country

Arctic Cat carves a new path for 2017 with a trio of new, do-it-all crossovers for backcountry sledding. The XF Cross Country Limited is available in 6000, 8000 and 9000 versions, and features the ProCross chassis and an array of components that make them the “enduro” dirt bike of the snowmobile world. In other words, the XF Cross Country is ideal for long rides across a wide variety of terrain. The new race-tested 137-inch Backcountry X track with 1.75-inch cupped lugs is a key element of the new Cross Country models. Wrapped around the Slide-Action Rear Suspension with the Torque Sensing Link and coupling blocks, it delivers outstanding traction in loose snow while still offering great bite and longevity on hard-packed trails.

Complete specifications and details on Arctic Cat’s new 2017 model snowmobiles can be found online at, or by visiting a local Arctic Cat dealer.

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