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Ducati signs 3-year partnership to boost Scrambler

News release

Ducati Motor Holding SpA and Italia Independent SpA have signed a three-year partnership agreement that involves shared product development within their respective fields of excellence. The accord’s focus is on the Ducati Scrambler, the brand created to interpret the values of the iconic 1970s motorcycle that was launched in the U.S. and then went on to become a worldwide success.

The global partnership, one in which Ducati and Italia Independent joined forces for the first time, unites the two brands as a single team bound by their creativity and original design, the true strengths behind “Made in Italy.”

To seal the agreement and ensure that the products developed together are as distinct as possible, a special logo has been created to show how the two different brands have come together in this project.

The products made through this partnership will be revealed in Miami at an event to be held during Art Basel in December.

“We’re delighted to have closed this agreement with Italia Independent. We began discussing the matter a year ago, and it was immediately clear that Ducati Scrambler could be the brand from which to begin developing a series of common projects,” stated Claudio Domenicali, CEO of Ducati Motor Holding. “Ducati and Italia Independent share a sense of style, design and innovation as well as meticulous attention to detail. As a result, we aim to make products that will provide our respective customers with unique experiences.”

“Ducati represents the excellence of ‘Made in Italy’ and has been successful in a highly competitive industry thanks to the focus placed on its heritage and continual efforts in research and innovation. The Ducati Scrambler project illustrates Italia Independent’s ability to succeed in sectors that go beyond its core business with the objective of being a successful lifestyle brand at 360 degrees,” said Andrea Tessitore, co-Founder and CEO of Italia Independent.

“I’m thrilled with this accord that symbolizes outstanding work both in design and technology and is a true union of two companies that share many values, having a strong sense of tradition but always looking forward. Two worlds that are different but not so far apart as one might think, coming together to make products conceived in Italy but of worldwide scope,” commented Lapo Elkann, co-founder and chairman of Italia Independent.


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