It’s Prime time for 2016 Thor moto apparel

Brand introduces Prime Fit apparel, adds additional release dates

After releasing sneak peek videos throughout the summer, Thor launched its 2016 apparel line in August. Updates include a new Prime Fit jersey and pant, inspired by athletic wear, to give riders the edge they need on the track.

“It’s an entirely new concept. We’re using a very athletic fit and a very aerodynamic chassis,” said Jamie Foreman, Thor product specialist. “We’ve made the Prime Fit very streamlined, so it stays very close to your skin. It utilizes the material to maximize cooling, and by doing so, it moisture wicks extremely well.”

The Prime Fit jersey features a new contoured chassis, compression-style sleeves, flat-seam construction around the shoulder and an ultra lightweight design. Foreman noted that the sleeves aid in moisture wicking, but also reduce wind flap and interference. The fabric used for the jersey is a 4-way stretch fabric that keeps its shape without affecting mobility, and the pant is a polyester-Spandex blend.

Dealers who stock Part Unlimited’s exclusive Thor brand of moto apparel will see a new Prime Fit jersey and pant added to the lineup for 2016.

Dealers who stock Part Unlimited’s exclusive Thor brand of moto apparel will see a new Prime Fit jersey and pant added to the lineup for 2016.

The Core racewear, which is made of the same moisture-wicking fabric as the Prime Fit jersey, now features an accordion stretch above the knee. “We’ve made the leather area large in the knee for better grip and more durability and then we added the accordion stretch above the knee, which acts like a hinge,” Foreman said. “It’s a better fit; it’s more comfortable, and it’s better ergonomically when you’re on the bike. The pants are extremely lightweight — one of the lightest pants on the market right now.”

Thor made other updates to its Core racewear, including increased ventilation and a better fit overall. In the jersey, Thor added laser-cut holes and large mesh panels to allow for more airflow. Fit changes were made in the neck and sleeves to better suit performance.

“On the pant, we did the same thing. We’ve now perforated the pant, so it’s fully ventilated as well,” he added.

Reps and dealers have reacted positively to the new updates. “The response has been very positive. Not only from the new chassis and the new idea, but for our new color graphics. With our price points, we’ve got a really strong offering at the price point level — but also a strong offering at the high-end as well. I think it’s going to be a great year,” he said.

With the 2016 product, dealers will also be hearing more frequently about Thor product.

“We’re also excited to announce that this year we’re going to have four launches. We’ve always done an August launch and something in January for Supercross, but we’re adding two additional releases in there. It’s going to be good for the dealers — it’s about helping dealers do business,” Foreman said. “This year is going to be a solid year for Thor.”


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