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Arai’s all-new Corsair-X outfitted with upgrades

Arai’s Corsair model has long been renowned as one of the most advanced, highest quality helmets available anywhere in the world. Now, Arai Helmet, Ltd., makers of world-class, handmade helmets for more than six decades, has unveiled the all-new Corsair-X, the latest evolution in state-of-the-art motorcycle helmet design and function.

The Arai Corsair-X offers improved glance-off capabilities.
The Arai Corsair-X offers improved glance-off capabilities.

The Corsair-X features a host of improvements and updates, and it all starts with the all-new Variable Axis System (VAS) shield system. Using a variable axis that incorporates a moving pivot point, the VAS mechanism allows for a lower shield mount position. This results in a much smaller and lower pivot cover, yielding an average of 24mm more shell area above the cover than the Corsair-V model. By creating an even more round and smooth shell along the Snell test line in the critical temple area, Arai has further increased the Corsair-X’s ability to glance off objects during impact.

Not only does the VAS system improve the helmet’s glance off capabilities, but it also allows for easier shield removal and replacement. Dual-function levers release both the pivot cover and the shield itself, allowing visual access to the shield mechanism and dramatically simplifying shield changes. A larger shield latch, derived from Arai’s Formula One helmets, further eases shield operation by providing improved control of the shield’s latching and de-mist functions.

“The Corsair is certainly special to Arai, as it has always been our flagship model, representing the culmination of our vast experience in helmet design and unwavering focus on rider protection,” said Brian Weston, managing director of Arai Helmet, Inc. “This is a model that represents the very latest innovations from Arai, and we feel the Corsair-X does just that. It has earned the Corsair name.”

At launch, the Corsair-X will be available in a variety of solid colors, including black, Black Frost, white and Aluminum Silver. Also available will be the latest in racer replicas, including the Hayden, Pedrosa and Vinales, as well as a special 30th Anniversary Freddie Spencer replica.

The Arai Corsair-X will be available in October, with a $969.95 MSRP for graphic options.
The Arai Corsair-X will be available in October, with a $969.95 MSRP for graphic options.

The Corsair-X will be available in October and will retail for $839.95 to $849.95 for solid colors and $969.95 for graphic options.

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