Arctiva unveils revamped apparel lineup for 2015-16

Want a snowmobile brand that will take care of all your outerwear needs this winter? Parts Unlimited brand Arctiva has revamped its 2015-16 line to help riders everywhere fight the frost and look good to boot.

“Everyone here felt that Arctiva was a strong enough line and important enough line in the market to keep it going,” Brad Kruckenberg, general manager of the company’s Moose Racing brand, told Powersports Business. “The line itself was pretty dormant for quite a few years … we decided to put the resources into it and developed a whole new line of products this year.”

Parts Unlimited's newly revamped Arctiva line includes the Comp series of outwear, available for men, women and children.

Parts Unlimited's newly revamped Arctiva line includes the Comp series of outwear, available for men, women and children.

Arctiva has released its 2015-16 catalog, featuring 35 pages of product photos, details and information. Kruckenberg said Arctiva will introduce a new line next spring, but for now is focusing on the Comp series of outwear and reestablishing the brand.

“Customers are going to be excited about all of it because it is all so new. There are a number of different options available in Comp. It’s probably going to be the volume mover,” he said.

The Comp Insulated line is inspired by snocross racing and designed for riders who like trail or backcountry riding. The motto of the line is to have “race ready looks with an endurance mentality.” This line serves as the standard snowmobile gear for those in the Northeast and Midwest, especially with cooler temperatures and harsh riding conditions.


Another element added to Arctiva’s latest revamp includes a snowmobile apparel line that caters to women riders.

“We’re seeing a lot more female riders on the motorcycle side as well as snowmobile, ATV and UTV,” Kruckenberg said. “Females are getting more involved, which is awesome because it opens up a whole new demographic to us on a lot of different fronts.”

The Comp Women’s Insulated jacket has the same construction as the regular Comp, but Kruckenberg added it is now available in colors more attractive to female riders. In addition to women’s outwear, Arctiva also includes similar Comp gear for children.


“We can’t ignore kids,” said Kruckenberg. “They’re out there riding with mom or dad, or on their own, so we have an option there for them as well.”

Arctiva also offers Comp RR gear, which is made of a shell construction that allows heat to escape, while still blocking out wind and water.

“The Comp RR line is more for an aggressive rider or somebody who’s riding out West; they use more shell materials and then layer underneath,” said Kruckenberg. For riders who don’t experience the same cold weather conditions that the Northeast and Midwest see, the Comp RR is a lighter option, but still protective.


The Comp Women's Insulated jackets is available in colors more attractive to female riders.

For many years, Arctiva has been a well-established brand, promoting gear that addresses every need for each individual rider.

“One thing about Arctiva … we didn’t just come with jackets, bibs and gloves. We can outfit a rider from head to toe. We have layering garments, socks, boots, gloves, goggles, socks, jackets and bibs.”

A helmet is the only element missing from the Arctiva ensemble. Even though there are no specific Arctiva-branded helmets available, the company is able to incorporate Z1R helmets, another Parts Unlimited house brand, to fill the need.

Kruckenberg says the company’s history with snow gives it a competitive edge among its peers.

“We feel as though we have a good grasp on the snow market in general, and with the power of the Parts Unlimited distribution behind the Arctiva brand, it sets up a pretty good recipe for success.”

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