OEM to open 775,000-square-foot facility in Alabama

Polaris’ latest installment in the Huntsville, Ala. area is “progressing quickly,” according to an article in The News Courier. The plant, valued at $48 million, will cover 775,000 square feet.

Ed Heffernan, Polaris’ director of international operations, said that several Polaris employees are excited to relocate to Alabama for this new opportunity. “They’ve traveled (to Alabama), done their diligence and are looking forward to the experience. We didn’t have to twist any arms,” Heffernan said in a comment.

To read the full article from The News Courier, click here.

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  1. Yall come down to the land of cotton & Dixie flags. You'll find us southern boys real good at burying new Razors in the mud just hours after signing the finance papers.

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