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Dealers can get $5 for visiting this V-Twin Expo booth

Pro Riders Marketing president and chief honcho Joe Distefano has added a new wrinkle to attracting dealers to his booth at V-Twin Expo in Cincinnati.

Cash in hand, Distefano will provide each dealer decision maker a $5 bill for five minutes of booth time. A press release was distributed to dealers earlier this week, and all they need to do is present the press release to receive their cash.


“We will ask for five minutes of your time, your contact information, and your undivided attention,” Distefano said. “We will give you a concise presentation that will make you happy you came by to visit our exhibit. AND, we will give you $5 for your time and attention.”

Stop by Booth 375 to learn more about Pro Riders brands Butt Buddy, Gear Brake and Protorque. And bring the press release to walk away with $5.

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