Hi-tech $1,400 SKULLY helmet offering financing option

News release

San Francisco-based SKULLY today announced a new financing option for its highly anticipated AR-1 helmet. Preorders for the smart helmet began August 11, 2014 to critical acclaim. In 45 hours, SKULLY became the fastest funded Indiegogo campaign to reach $1 million.

Now, in an effort to make the AR-1 accessible to even more motorcyclists, SKULLY has unveiled a deposit program that will allow consumers to put down a $499 deposit followed by a second payment of $949 to be paid when the helmet ships. The financing option is available until September 10, 2014. To reserve your SKULLY AR-1 helmet today, visit www.skullysystems.com.

“While the initial response to SKULLY has been overwhelmingly positive, we’ve also listened to members of our community who desire an AR-1, but can’t afford to pay the full price of the helmet up front,” said Marcus Weller, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of SKULLY. “In the service of our goal to make riding safer by putting as many SKULLY helmets on the road as possible, we are implementing a two-part payment plan allowing early adopters a more convenient way to purchase while still ensuring they will be among the first to own a SKULLY helmet.”

The SKULLY AR-1 is built upon the SKULLY Synapse technology platform that enhances awareness of its users by linking advanced heads up display (HUD) optics to an intelligent network including a camera, sensors and microprocessors. The AR-1 features a revolutionary HUD system that displays at a perceptual distance of 10 feet in front of the rider, a near 180-degree rearview camera, turn-by-turn GPS navigation, smartphone pairing and voice control, making it the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet. The SKULLY AR-1 helmet is scheduled for release in mid 2015.


  1. Great referral program in place too… refer 5 friends and get your helmet for free! Direct ordering page: http://igg.me/at/skully/x/8465808

  2. The risk with the Skully is the head shape. Are there multiple head shape options? If not, it is an expensive piece of hardware to cause discomfort to a rider.

  3. George Kulczewski

    2 questions:

    1) Is it offered in a 3/4 size helmet too?
    2) What about fit? Hate to put down a down payment to find it doesn’t fit me comfortably.

  4. Is the helmit snell approved? And can you turn off the rear view camera I would like to have one for the bike and also use it for my race car

  5. Will I work on a snowmobile and what kind of warranty does it have

  6. I’d really like to have maybe 2 of these helmets so my wife and I can converse while riding. Piping the Bluetooth music through the helmet would drastically reduce any hearing loss I may have acquired over the years.

  7. Instead of the wind blowing on my ears and the street glide stereo cranked right up, I’m thinking that I could listen to it at a decent non-ear damaging level.

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