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Farmers’ Almanac predicts snow in most of northern U.S.

For those hoping for a snowy winter to spur snowmobile sales, the upcoming winter may be just what’s needed, if the Farmers’ Almanac forecast is correct.

The Farmers’ Almanac released its 2014 Winter Outlook this week. Predicted is piercing cold with normal snowfall in the Midwest and parts of the Northwest, biting cold and snowy weather for the Great Lakes region, bitterly cold and snow-filled conditions for the northern-most part of the Northeast and cold, wet and white for the southern portion of the Northeast. The only area of concern for snowmobile dealers is the far Northwest, including Oregon, Washington and Idaho, for which the almanac predicts dry and chilly conditions.

“Precipitation-wise, the Southern Plains, Midwest, and Southeast will see above-normal conditions, while the rest of the country will average near normal,” wrote Farmers’ Almanac forecaster Caleb Weatherbee in a blog. “With a combination of below-normal temperatures and above-normal precipitation the stage will be set for the Midwest, Great Lakes, and Central and Northern New England to receive lots of snow. Farther south, where the thermometer will be vacillating above or below the freezing mark, Southern New England, Southeast New York, New Jersey, and down through the Mid-Atlantic region will be seeing either copious rains and/or snows.”

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