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MSF offers eCourse on motorcycling basics

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Designed to promote lifelong learning in a convenient, informative online format, the new Motorcycle Safety Foundation Basic eCourse is now available for $19.99 on MSF’s homepage. The highly interactive three-hour MSF Basic eCourse incorporates photos, graphics, video and more to provide participants with the basics of motorcycling with emphasis on personal safety and responsibility. The MSF Basic eCourse can be completed on its own as a stand-alone program or it can be taken in conjunction with the updated-for-2014, hands-on Basic RiderCourse, the only place to develop your actual riding skills and learn to ride.

“The MSF is very excited about the new MSF Basic eCourse,” said MSF Vice President of Training Systems Dr. Ray Ochs. “It combines concepts and content from the updated Basic RiderCourse with virtual learning, allowing users to take the course at their own pace, as often as they like. As always, MSF’s ultimate goal is to develop motorcyclists of good riding character and reduce the frequency and severity of motorcycle crashes. We believe accessible online training and education is another meaningful way to achieve that.”

Designed to complement and reinforce the content in the updated BRC 2014 curriculum, the MSF Basic eCourse is beneficial for new and experienced riders alike. It helps new riders decide whether or not motorcycling is appropriate for them, and it prepares them for their first ride in the formal, hands-on training provided in the Basic RiderCourse. It also helps current riders who are looking for a safety renewal opportunity to refresh and improve their current riding strategies.

The MSF Basic eCourse outlines key safety concepts to promote responsible riding and risk-reducing behavior. It allows users to repeat segments at their convenience and provides end-of-segment knowledge checks that ensure the user understands the material addressed. Upon completion of the MSF Basic eCourse, students receive a certificate for their efforts. Initial concept testing of the MSF Basic eCourse showed it communicates well to prospective riders, while also renewing fundamental safety strategies for riders with experience.

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