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Arctic Cat partners with conservation organization

Arctic Cat and Bass Pro Shops have teamed up with the Quail and Upland Wildlife Federation (QUWF) on the “ATV Conservation Trail,” a guide for ATV owners on using the machines for conservation efforts.

“One of the key tools in today’s local wildlife habitat work is the ever popular ATV,” QUWF’s Craig Alderman said. “This versatile favorite of sportsman of all ages also brings a world of conservation options to its owners and family members. With the assistance of Bass Pro Shops and Arctic Cat, QUWF will begin to create information sheets, the ‘ATV Conservation Trail,’ and make them available to Arctic Cat ATV owners on the various habitat techniques that can be performed with the ATV. These active uses include: fire lines, controlled burns, Timber Stand Improvement (TSI), edge feathering, planting, spraying, measuring, access and egress management, food plots and much more from expert biologists and foresters.”

The instructional sheets will demonstrate proper techniques of various local wildlife habitat practices and how to integrate an ATV into that work. Available accessories to help with these tasks will also be shown.

Arctic Cat and Bass Pro Shops have worked with the QUWF to provide an Arctic Cat ATV to the local sheriff’s department in Buffalo, Mo. That machine was used for habitat work and search and rescue operations. An ATV section will be added to the QUWF monthly newsletter and the Turnin-the Dirt newspaper, which is focused on wildlife habitat work.

“Bass Pro Shops is a leader in outdoor enthusiasm, hunting and conservation through its stores, products and simply by its unique history,” Alderman said. “Working with one of our vendors, Arctic Cat, this new direction adds local wildlife habitat restoration with population recovery through and with our chapters and QUWF members. This unique program with QUWF enhances our members’ ability and those who own Arctic Cat ATVs, to enjoy the great outdoors while at the same time, learning new ways to improve habitat for multiple upland species by using the equipment in a different way. We all have to take an active, hands-on role with wildlife preservation and this adds a new dimension and conservation involvement year round.”

The QUWF provides a local source of habitat focus on quail and upland wildlife and population recovery. From 2010-11, the organization, its local chapters and members spent $5.92 million on wildlife conservation and habitat management efforts on more than 904,000 acres nationwide.

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