Suzuki aiming to cut 100-200 powersports dealers, source says

Powersports Business has learned that American Suzuki Motor Corp. is in the process of reducing its U.S. dealer network by “100-200,” according to a source.

Currently with about 930 dealers, Suzuki’s dealer footprint is expected to drop by at least seven dealerships in one of its districts as it aims to reduce its network to 700 dealerships in the U.S. following Chapter 11 reorganization.

One dealer received a letter from Suzuki this week informing him that his franchise agreement would not be renewed, with a March 27 deadline to agree to terms that would provide him with a $10,000 termination fee. Suzuki would also buy its new motorcycles and ATVs from the dealership, in addition to parts and accessories.

“After [a significant number of] years of being a partner, and they treat their dealers like this,” one dealer told Powersports Business. “I thought Suzuki was a better company than that, but I guess not.”

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  1. Suzuki is using there failure in the auto business to purge experienced dealers so they can then setup new dealers that will buy anything that Suzuki tells them. Blame their motorcycle dealers for their failures! There new dealers will be out of business in months! Same old Suzuki! They probably brought the management team back from the car business?? Game plan!! Lets not supply our dealers with inventory for three years!! Then we can terminate them for not selling enough bikes!! High five!!! It worked! Now we can hire Barney & baby bop to be in charge of dealer development ! HO HO Goodie!

    • Sounds about right, I know a dealer that placed 9th out of 47 dealers in their “Suzuki Club” distirct standings and was terminated, so its not on performance being in the bottom 2% as they state

  2. 9th out of 47 for volume, or CSI rankings? Two different things

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