Yamaha unveils six new snowmobiles for 2014

Yamaha unveiled six new snowmobile models for 2014 at its North American dealer meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 20, in Minneapolis.

In a major announcement, Yamaha officials said that five of the 2014 sleds will be assembled by Arctic Cat on Cat’s ProCross chassis. The SR Viper, RTX SE, LTX, LTX SE and XTX SE all will feature Arctic Cat’s ProCross chassis and Yamaha’s 1049cc engine.

“Yamaha has always had awesome products — great, reliable products, but it wasn’t easy to throw around the sled, so hopefully the new Viper covers that now,” Ryan Roxworthy, finance manager at Hammertime Sports in Belvidere, Ill., told Powersports Business after the unveil.

“Today is a bold step forward for the Yamaha snowmobile division,” commented Chris Reid, National Manager, Product Planning & Research for Yamaha Motor Canada. “The ‘Viper’ name is legendary among snowmobilers, so we couldn’t bring it back for just ‘any’ snowmobile. Our new Viper family offers snowmobilers the performance and versatility they crave with the reliability they deserve!”

The Viper series is powered by the high-performance, three-cylinder, four-stroke Genesis, the same engine found in the popular FX Nytro series. Renowned for its throttle response and reliability, the fuel-injected three-holer is complemented with Yamaha’s YVXC clutch system for added durability and performance.

Housing the Genesis in every Viper package is the SRV chassis, Yamaha’s name for the ProCross. The triangulated design forces load into the strongest parts of the chassis, increasing rigidity and lessening flex. Combined with the Genesis high-performance engine, it makes for a dynamic duo, Yamaha officials said.

Other highlights of the Viper series of snowmobiles are the SRV front suspension, dual shock SRV rear suspension and push button reverse, along with stylish decals and colors.

But Yamaha didn’t stop with the Viper family. A new incarnation of the Phazer also was unveiled. The 144-inch-track-equipped Phazer XTX adds Yamaha Tuner skis to go along with a 500cc engine.

The usual suspects are back for Yamaha as well, with most of the Apex, Vector, Nytro, Venture, Phazer, RS Viking and SRX 120 models in the lineup for 2014. Only the FX Nytro X-TX, FX Nytro R-TX, Phazer GT and Venture Lite have not returned.


The expanded supplier relationship between Yamaha and Arctic Cat has already benefitted both OEMs, according to Peter Smallman-Tew, vice president of Yamaha Motor Canada who also overs marketing and product development for North America for the parent company.

“We’ve both learned a lot in the process,” Smallman-Tew told Powersports Business of the relationship that began in 2009. “They make great product, and some of the processes I think we’ve helped them with. At the same time, we’ve learned from them speed to the market, and being able to react to things quicker. It’s nice to have fresh eyes. It’s pretty exciting.”

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  1. about time for a change , the original chassis for most of the models dates back to the 03 RX 1. To long to wait for change. also while i am venting, i hope they continued with some of the good features like cubby holes for equipment and storage. Easy access removable side panels and hood plastics. High seat for comfortable riding. One suggestion, consider bringing back the starting rope recoil, can be used in case of starter failure and low battery situations. Thanks for the opportunity to vent. Hope to recieve a response.

  2. I’m a huge Yami loyalist and hugely disappointed with their so-called “New Sleds”. This marriage w/AC has to be economy driven and, if it is economy driven, I suppose it’s best to find creative ways to stay financially afloat. 2014 marks the 7th production year of a beautiful but aging engine by Yami. The procross platform is now entering into it’s fourth year of production. Where is the new tech that we yearn for? There is no question that the new models will likely be a better platform than it’s predecessor. But it’s all old tech in my mind. I was hoping for a new “All Yamaha” model(s) that is actually made by Yamaha. I’m certain that Yami will lose some quality control by outsourcing the assembling of their new sleds. I shall sit on the sidelines for a couple of years and see how things play out. What a bummer! How do we like this economy now?

  3. If you think for one minute that your Yamaha is any better than the others, give your head a shake. They are all junk for the money we spend. The question is, what colour of junk do you like to drive?

    • I shook my head, Claude but I still hear voices in my head saying “Yamaha’s are better, Yamaha’s are better”! I like all the other manufacturers but in the quality build/reliability/durability department, Yamaha has it over the others. Don’t believe me? Call Jackman Power Sports. They sell and service all four brands and the owner will tell you that they rarely work on Yami’s other than normal servicing. It is why me and many others by Yamaha. They may not be the best handling or best in ride compliance, but they still ride and handle very well. And when you add the best four stroke engines in snowmobiling!!! With this marriage, Yami will address their ride/handling deficiencies and Cat will now have awesome four strokes. I personally wanted to see an all new Yami platform. What we are now getting for 2014 is your choice between a Chevy or GMC.

  4. From what I see I may try a Yamaha Viper, but the guys here won’t tell you it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Slides than burn up, ski spidles that fall out when the ski is in the air, shocks that don’t last a seasons and best of all exhaust that cost a fortune to replace. There heavy and if you don’have a long track you well get stuck on the trail. Two former owner have gone back to SKI_DOO. Like i said every brand has it’s issues. What colour do you prefer to have issues with!!!

  5. yamahas dont turn, are heavy, and normally underpowered compared to everyone else . i have been getting rid of my yamahas for the last three years and am almost completely converted to brp got a new can am outlander which literally blows the doors off the grizzly and the renegade will make even the sport quad guysthat like to dune shake in their boots. in fact the only good thing i have to say about yamahas is they almost always get you back to the truck

  6. I don’t like the new “high tech” snomobiles. Too many riders I know have too many problems. A snowmobile trip has a small window to ride and the weather creates enough obstacles without having to worry about your snowmobile starting and running properly. I have been a snowmobiler for 35+ years and only once had a serious breakdown, a 1969 ski-doo with a broken driven clutch! I curently ride a 2000 Polaris 800 XCR 9,000+ miles, no breakdowns. However, I have spent many hours at the repair shop with my buddies waiting to get their snowmobiles fixed, Ski-Doo, Arctic Cat and a 06 Yamaha that would not start a -25! From what I know the Yamaha is the highest quality snowmobile made and when I am ready for a new one I will strongly consider one! I will not buy anything that looks or smells like an Arctic Cat!!!

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