PWC sales continue upward trend in January

Sales of personal watercraft haven’t slowed in 2013, grabbing another percentage point of sales growth during the first month of the year among Bellwether states, according to the latest data from Info-Link Technologies.

Year-over-year, sales increased another 1 percentage point in January, following a 10 percent decline in sales among the Bellwether states a year ago.

Data for all boating states, for which data is available through September, showed sales following the Bellwether average, and increasing 5 percent year-over-year.

Sales of all powerboats continued to grow through January, though the pace dipped slightly. Sales growth among Bellwether states was up around 12 percent year-over-year during January, only a fraction of a percent below November and December, and roughly even with the growth rate during October 2012.

Sales of all powerboats among all boating states sat just below the Bellwether average, hitting near 10 percent year-over-year growth during the month of September 2012.

Data from Info-Link Technologies is based off of new U.S. boat registrations. Data for Bellwether states is derived from states representation roughly half of the U.S. boat market, geographically dispersed. Full graphs of the data can be found here: Info-Link Technologies Bellwether Report.

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