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Parts Unlimited/Drag Specialties adds new tire catalog for 2013

New for 2013, Drag Specialties/Parts Unlimited has released a Tire Catalog, an all-in-one resource for tires distributed by Drag and Parts.

The new tire catalog features all tires previously listed in the Drag Specialties OldBook and FatBook, as well as the Parts Unlimited Street, Off-Road and ATV/UTV catalogs. The catalog is divided into sections for each type of riding, and tire service tools are included.

Also recently released are Drag’s FatBook and OldBook. Each has been improved, using input from dealers and customers. The 1,500-page FatBook, for example, changed its “Windshields” section to a “Windshields & Fairings” section, and a new “Audio & Communication” section was also added.

The 700-page OldBook, which features parts for pre-1984 Harley-Davidson and Classic Indian models, has also added new products.

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