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Zero adds power, new model to lineup

Zero Motorcycles has introduced its 2013 lineup with an average power increase of 99 percent and a new FX model

All 2013 models feature a new Z-Force compact air-cooled motor, which is powerful and highly efficient, according to the company. The bikes now come with Bluetooth capability, allowing riders to see detailed motorcycle information and adjust performance characteristics from their iPhone or Android device. The frame of each model has also been redesigned to improve rider ergonomics and expand compatibility with aftermarket accessories. With an optional accessory, those using CHAdeMO charge stations can charge the new models to 95 percent in an hour or less.

The new Zero FX is the company’s fastest accelerating motorcycle with 70 ft-lbs of torque, 44 hp and a weight of 275 pounds. It has up to a 70-mile range, a top speed of 85 mph and a powerful new Nissin braking system. The ZF2.8, with a range of up to 35 miles, runs $9,495, and the 70-mile range ZF5.7 retails for $11,990.

The FX, XU and MX all feature truly modular quick-swap power pack technology, allowing riders to use one or two battery modules and upgrade from 2.8 kWh to 5.7 kWh in seconds. The XU ZF2.8 has an MSRP of $7,995, while the ZF5.7 retails for $10,490. The ZF2.8 MX model will sell for $9,495, and the ZF5.7 is $11,990.

With the new Z-Force motor, the Zero S is now capable of traveling 137 miles on a charge. The S and the DS each have new body work with integrated storage in the “tank” area and two-tier seats. The S ZF8.5, with a 103-mile range, is available for $13,995, and the S ZF11.4, with the 137-mile range, will appear in dealerships for $15,995. The DS ZF8.5, with a 95-mile range, has an MSRP of $13,995, while the 126-mile ZF11.4 version will cost $15,995.

“With up to 137 miles range in the city, a top speed of 95 mph and a CHAdeMO accessory that allows recharging in around an hour, the 2013 model line is truly exceptional,” CEO Richard Walker said. “This year’s lineup offers breathtaking acceleration, new eye-catching designs and the innovative ability to customize the riding experience to each individual’s preferences via a mobile application. We invite consumers to discover the experience of riding a 2013 model by contacting an authorized dealer to sign up for a test ride or to place an order.”

The street-legal models each come with a two-year limited warranty, while the MX has a one-year limited warranty. Dealers began accepting orders for the 2013 motorcycles on Tuesday, and the bikes will be in dealerships beginning in January.

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