Zero Motorcycles joins Harley-Davidson in hall of fame

Zero Motorcycles has been inducted into the Made In The U.S.A. Hall of Fame. The Made In The U.S.A. Foundation made the announcement at its July 2 awards ceremony.

Zero Motorcycles becomes only the second United States-based motorcycle manufacturer, in addition to Harley-Davidson, to receive the award. Other companies inducted during the ceremonies include Google, Facebook, Chrysler, Ford, Masterlock, Macintosh Stereos and Channel Surf Boards. The award ceremony was held at the Loews Santa Monica Beach Hotel in Santa Monica, Calif., where Zero Motorcycles was acknowledged for its commitment to promoting local commerce and job creation in the United States.

With a new manufacturing facility near Santa Cruz, Calif., and corporate headquarters located in Scotts Valley, Calif., Zero’s strategic location near the Silicon Valley is no coincidence. Dedicated to developing groundbreaking technology within the continually evolving electric motorcycle industry, Zero employs more than 75 engineers, designers, manufacturing personnel and corporate representatives within the United States alone.

“Zero Motorcycles is dedicated to not only creating the best electric motorcycles on the market, but to also supporting our local community by providing good paying manufacturing jobs. Our bikes are 100 percent designed, engineered and assembled in the United States by hard-working Americans at our Santa Cruz facility,” said Scot Harden, vice president of global marketing for Zero Motorcycles. “We are honored to be recognized by the Made In The U.S.A. Foundation and thank them for their support of the hard working Zero Motorcycles team.”


  1. Best of luck to Zero. As the infernal combustion engine transitions to soon becoming a collector item the need will be great for alternative power. Major automotive manufacturers are well ahead in the transition. When the 24 Hours of LeMans is won by four diesels, two of them electric hybrids, the writing is on the wall.

  2. Why would you name drop Harley Davidson in the title to make it sound more interesting… Not a good title for such a simple nonsense award announcement…

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