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Spader dealers see sales, profits climb in Jan.-Feb.

The latest industry composites provided to Powersports Business from Spader Business Management show that Spader dealers were much more profitable in January and February 2012 than they were in the same two months of 2011.

Net profit among Spader dealers increased in January and February by an average of 72.7 percent compared to the year-ago period. Company sales saw a rise of 8.5 percent in January and February 2012 compared to the year-ago period, and the value of unit inventory increased by 10.3 percent in the first two months of 2012 compared to the first two months of 2011 for Spader dealers.

The points change from January-February 2011 to the same period in 2012 is as follows, according to dealership financial statements:

Company gross margin: plus 0.3 points
Net percent of sales: plus 1.7 points
Personnel expense ratio: plus 0.4 points
Variable expense ratio: minus 1.2 points
Fixed expense ratio: minus 1.7 points

The Spader training and consulting firm tracks North American powersports dealers, both large and small, to compile an average profile, then compares year-over-year trends in a number of different categories.

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