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Powersports Business’ Nifty 50 winners revealed

All 50 of Powersports Business' Nifty 50 contest winners have been revealed on the PSB at Dealer Expo web page.

The names of the 50 products, along with their manufacturers' or distributors' names and websites are listed on the site, accessible by clicking here. The first 25 winners were revealed in the Jan. 23 issue of PSB, and the second 25 are featured in the Feb. 13 issue, which mails Monday. In the magazine, each listing also includes a description of the product, the MSRP, a photo and a Dealer Expo booth number, when applicable. A walking guide of where to find each Nifty 50 winner at Indy is also included in the February issue.

To see a poster listing all the winners, visit the Powersports Business Booth No. 4939 at Dealer Expo.

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