Identifying buying signals

Some seemingly mundane moments can actually be signs — for the good or bad — of how a new unit sale is progressing.
Being able to identify those signs, both nonverbal or verbal, is the focus of a seminar that will be held at this year’s Powersports Business Conference and Expo.
Glenn Roller of the Glenn Roller Institute, which handles sales training for American Suzuki Motor Corp. and KYMCO USA, will be one of the speakers on hand at the Indianapolis conference and will identify some of the key buying signals.
“It’s just uncanny how accurate and simple these little gestures are,” Roller says, “but mostly people just have never been exposed to them.”
Roller points out such information — identifying body language and then deciphering what those signals mean — is readily available in plenty of books, although to a lesser degree in how such information should be used in a sales process. Roller says he has taken such information and then conducted field studies, including video taping real-time sales encounters, to judge if the written word reflects the actual retail experience.
Those field studies have led Roller to several conclusions, including the fact that body language usually is a sign of the spoken word.
“In almost every case, the nonverbal always precedes the verbal,” Roller said. “In other words, I’ll scratch behind my ear, which means I have a desire to step away from you, before I verbally express it.”
To learn more about the key verbal and nonverbal buying signs, make plans to attend the Powersports Business Conference & Expo. Under the theme of “Profit Xcelerator,” the two-day training event will be held Monday and Tuesday, Aug. 31 and Sept. 1, in Indianapolis. It will follow the Indianapolis MotoGP, an event that drew more than 90,000 motorcycle racing fans in 2008 in addition to a large dealer audience.
Profit Xcelerator will feature seminars from Roller and other leading training consultants and industry experts. Each day, two tracks of seminars will touch on a number of key dealership profit centers, including parts and accessories, pre-owned units, service department and new unit sales.
Industry leaders and dealers also will be featured on panels that will explore several timely issues, including e-commerce and marketing.
The Powersports Business Conference and Expo also will include nearly 14,000 square feet of exhibition space for leading industry suppliers.

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