Mosites Motorsports-North Huntingdon, Pa.-4/4/2011

Mosites Motorsports was opened after Doug Mosites purchased an established Honda and Sea-Doo dealer in 2006. “Doug, the owner, has been an enthusiast his entire life, and he ended up wanting to sell the machines and open a shop of his own,” General Manager John Zalenchak said. Mosites expanded the dealership into the entire building it occupied, doubling the space. He also updated the storefront and added Can-Am ATVs. “From there, we brought on Aprilia, Piaggio, Vespa and Genuine Scooters,” Zalenchak added. “We brought on all of those brands when the gas price kind of went up, we got into the scooter market and got those.” The dealership also carries Can-Am Spyders, Kawasaki, Christini and E-TON. It also has recently finalized an agreement to be a Ski-Doo dealer. Because the owner and the staff of the dealership are all enthusiasts, they enjoy bringing others into the sport. “Demos, things like that, we do here. We’re always up to putting somebody on a unit,” Zalenchak said. The dealership usually has 10-12 units available for test rides and will do anything from giving customers the keys to a Spyder to joining them on a lake in a speedboat.
With OEMs producing fewer units, Zalenchak is worried supply isn’t going to meet demand. He says he understands the manufacturers are cutting back like other companies, and he’s happy his dealership isn’t flooded with too many units, but effects coming in the near future are a concern. “When these (sales) increases do happen, and these people are there and the buying increases, I’m worried the supply won’t be there,” he explained. Many manufacturers have moved to more frequent ordering, some offering monthly services, but some also aren’t keeping enough stock in their own warehouses. “I’m worried about not having the product when the customer wants it,” Zalenchak said.
Since Mosites Motorsports began carrying the Can-Am Spyder in 2008, it has been the dealership’s most popular model. “Our three-wheel Spyder line has been awesome for us. We were actually the 2010 district dealer of the year for Can-Am Spyder,” Zalenchak said. When the dealership launched the line in 2008, Can-Am brought out 15 models for demos. “When they first came out, we had a lineup of people coming out to ride them, and it really hasn’t slowed down since,” Zalenchak explained. Spyders continue to bring customers to the Pennsylvania dealership, he said.
As of late, Mosites has seen an increase in traffic, and the customers are looking for different models than they have in the past. “Actually, surprisingly at the beginning of this year, starting this year in January, we’re starting to see scooters coming back alive,” Zalenchak reported. “When the gas prices start to go up, we anticipate seeing the scooters are going to be more popular.” Also, PWC has been selling well. “Even though it was snowing, out, we had a good boat show, and we’re selling Sea-Doos at this point,” Zalenchak said. The dealership as a whole is looking forward to a fruitful 2011. “We’re definitely seeing an increase of activity this first quarter,” the general manager explained.
PG&A is a key focus area in the dealership. “We have a large department, pretty much walls of helmets and clothes,” Zalenchak said. The department staffs four parts associates, a manager and a shipping and receiving employee. “We have great over-the-counter sales,” Zalenchak reported. “We have increased our online sales quite a bit recently.” The staff is successful at up-selling with accessories, such as plows and chrome. “Parts and accessories are always a great addition to income in a dealership,” Zalenchak said. The service department has five technicians, and it has recently undergone a management change. “Our new service manager actually came from the ground up; he’s been a tech here for years,” Zalenchak said. “When people come in here and talk to him, he knows about the units because he’s been working on them. He’s very knowledgeable. I think that’s what sets the service department apart, it’s our knowledge.” All the technicians are certified platinum on every brand sold at the dealership. Mosites also has the only Sea-Doo shop in the Pittsburgh area, and the department services a lot of watercraft, Zalenchak said. Little advertising is needed for the department, other than the occasional oil change promotion on a reader board outside the dealership.
Mosites’ biggest promotion has been weekly bike nights, which began last spring. The dealership, which sits about 20 miles outside of Pittsburgh, blocks off streets in Pittsburgh’s Station Square for a bike night each Thursday May through September co-hosted by Hard Rock Café. “There’s bands; we take bikes down and put them on the corner of the street; we offer demo rides,” Zalenchak explained. To entice riders, the dealership gave away a Spyder in 2010. The weekly attendance usually tops 2,000 people and 1,000 bikes. “The amount of attention and feedback that we got back from this from all angles, it was incredible,” Zalenchak reported. The event is advertised through e-mail blasts, print ads and word of mouth. The main sponsors also ran a large radio campaign during the inaugural year, and the dealership hands out fliers at its many events it attends in the area. “Staying active has definitely pulled us through the economic times,” Zalenchak said. “The dealership didn’t just sit back and wait it out. We’ve actually increased our advertising budget and stayed active in all aspects we can.”
Zalenchak suggests other dealers look at the success Mosites has had with its recent promotions and mimic their efforts in some way. “Stay active,” he said. “Don’t sit back and wait for things to come back.” PSB
Mosites Motorsports
12671 Route 30
North Huntingdon, Pa. 15642
Doug Mosites

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