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R&S Powersports Group – Albuquerque, NM – April 24, 2006

R&S Powersports Group
9601 Lomas NE
Albuquerque, N.M. 87112
505/292-6692 – R&S Kawasaki
505/292-8011 – R&S Yamaha
505/293-1860 – R&S Honda
505/896-0200 – R&S West
Rick and Susie Alcon
Thanks to early exposure via family in the powersports industry, Rick Alcon gained a solid understanding of the business at a young age. That business savvy was one of the reasons Alcon and his wife, Susie, decided to open a dealership themselves in 1986. They started with one location in Albuquerque and started expanding in 1999. Today, R&S Powersports Group consists of four Albuquerque locations that sell ATVs, utility vehicles, motorcycles, scooters, PWC and snowmobiles. Split among the various locations, R&S retails Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, BRP, KTM, Moto Guzzi, Polaris, Sea-Doo and Suzuki products. In its busiest season, the company employs approximately 100 people.
Alcon cited legislative issues as a recurring concern, particularly ATV land-use issues, but other governmental affairs as well. He also is concerned about the “loose distribution with the new Asian product,” the low-cost, low-quality ATVs, scooters and small, off-road motorcycles.
“Motorcycles in general are a staple part of the industry,” Alcon said. “For the first quarter of this year, motorcycle sales seem to be up. ATV sales, while strong, are not growing at the rate they have in the recent past. We’re optimistic in motorcycles and maintaining on ATVs.”
Alcon considers all four R&S sites to be in mature markets. “In that situation, I don’t see anything on the horizon that would cause the industry to grow exponentially, except maybe scooters,” Alcon said. “Exciting products might create some individual excitement, but not double-digit growth, like ATVs or watercraft (in the past). Currently, I don’t see growth mode coming right now. We’ve come through a lot of growth and that’s good.”
“They’re an important part of what we do,” Alcon said. “They’re certainly treated as profit centers. Our primary goal is selling products, but it requires good, successful parts and service systems. They’re vital to what we do.”
R&S is a real event-oriented company, Alcon said. One that he likes is sponsoring weekly bike nights at different locations throughout the city. As a consistent event, it has potential to draw people who are new to motorcycling and new to the R&S name. “It creates goodwill and lets us have exposure to customers who may not be frequenting our store at all,” Alcon said. “They see accessorization trends, new units, other people enjoying their product. Hopefully they associate us with having fun on their product.”
Be a student of the business, Alcon said. He says 20 groups are highly beneficial in continuing to learn about the business and encourages dealers to be forthcoming in sharing information. “We’re a long-term Lemco 20 club dealer and I can’t imagine how I’d run business without that information,” Alcon said.
— Lisa Young

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