Capture customers’ attention with video

By Lauren McLean

With video becoming a more and more popular tool in the marketing strategy toolbox, it’s time for your business to get on board, if you haven’t already. Cisco Research claims that by 2019, 85 percent of search engine traffic in the U.S. will be driven by video. If your dealership isn’t well-equipped with a video marketing strategy, your website’s online traffic may suffer — and that could be detrimental for your business.

Why is video so incredibly popular? As a general rule, engagement increases on social posts with the addition of imagery, so it shouldn’t be surprising that adding video leads to an even greater level of interaction.

By nature, people are visual learners. As options for entertainment increase on the internet, in social apps and beyond, people generally don’t have very long attention spans. People want to be entertained, but they also are not likely to invest a huge amount of time with so many other options available. Creating short, 30-second videos that show your newest 4x4 or explaining how to choose the right parts to repair your bike are likely to resonate with your audience and create more engagement than you would see with written content, or even a series of pictures.

Another reason people love video is because it helps them develop a personal connection with your brand. When your audience gets to see your service tech walking through the steps of a repair, or listen to your marketing manager’s voiceover for an event promotion, they get to know the personalities of your dealership staff members and feel like they are a part of your dealership’s community. Customers are more likely to trust your business if it feels familiar, so let them get to know you through video!

Videos create the ability to make people feel something — and for that reason, they’re also compelled to share video content at an increasing rate. Riding enthusiasts who love your video of showroom prep on a busy summer day will want to share it with all of their bike-loving friends, too. People crave connection, and providing a way for viewers to connect with their own friends and followers is mutually beneficial. They get to share a video that they find cool or entertaining or informative, and you benefit from the additional viewers who see it — people who are likely also prospects for your dealership!

Utilizing video also helps your dealership connect to new and different audiences that you may not be used to reaching so easily. Millennials, a younger generation that may normally be more difficult to target, are much more active on social media than older consumers. As a general trend, millennials are also huge fans of video, which goes hand in hand with their love of social media. Strategically using video to connect with millennials could go a long way in helping you earn new and future customers for your dealership.

Social media isn’t the only platform where your business could benefit from using video. Places like your website homepage and the e-newsletters you send out to customers are also great places to add video to your content. Any online platform that you use should be optimized to grab visitors’ attention quickly, and video is an efficient method for that strategy.

Storytelling is what it’s all about in the world of marketing, and video is the best vehicle available to do just that. A good story makes the viewer feel something and teaches or shows them something worth knowing. It also leaves viewers wanting to share that story with others because it was such a good experience for them. Give your business a leg up with video marketing, and enjoy the extra attention and prospects that come your way!

Lauren McLean is the public relations manager at Dealer Spike, a leading web services provider for powersports dealerships. The award-winning digital advertising company is focused on helping dealers increase sales through powerful, distinctive website design and a full suite of online marketing tools to drive results. Dealer Spike’s expertise comes from real-world dealership experience and a team of professionals who also ride. When you work with Dealer Spike, you’re working with digital marketing experts who have a passion for your industry.


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