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LaurenMcLeanblogHow do today’s customers make the decision to buy or not to buy? It can seem so random, and that’s because it kind of is. People are experiencing various mental triggers that both encourage and discourage them from taking certain actions, related and unrelated to purchase decisions, all day long. Subconsciously, things are going on that they can’t even explain or comprehend themselves.

There are certain internal fears and conflicts that can interfere with a person’s likelihood to buy. Catering to these could go a long way in helping to save more deals for your dealership.

Fear of the Unknown: People are often very hesitant of the unfamiliar. Maybe your customer has only ridden Suzuki bikes before, but you’re trying to sell them a Kawasaki. Even though they had reason to be interested in the switch, they can’t be sure they’ll like the new bike better.

Fear of Judgement: It’s human nature to desire acceptance from others. If we feel like other people won’t approve of our decisions, we become less likely to make them. Conversely, we are very encouraged to take an action or make a certain decision if we see others doing so. That’s why certain powersports brands and models become more popular than others – if one influential person purchases or endorses a certain unit, there is likely to be a domino effect.

Fear of Loss: This is an obvious one, but we’re all afraid of making the wrong decision. If we choose to purchase or not to purchase something, we might regret it later. It can become such an internal toss-up between what you want, what you need, what you can or cannot afford and so many other factors.

There are certain ways that we can turn these “fears” around in our sales efforts:

  • Fear of the Unknown: Help your customer become as familiar as possible with the unit they’re interested in. Make sure your sales team is well-versed on the product so they can help the customer learn too. People can get stuck in what they know (brand, unit type, etc.) and are often afraid to switch things up. Emphasize the excitement and thrill of trying something new and adventurous.
  • Fear of Judgement: Let it be known how popular the unit of interest is among other customers. A proactive way to do this is to ask customers who’ve just made a purchase to let you take a picture of them with their new unit. Print these out and visibly display them in your dealership. Post them on your social media pages too. Also, encourage positive feedback and comments about customer purchases on social media.
  • Fear of Loss: Let your customers know when inventory is running low or when others are interested in the same unit that they are. Without being pushy about the sale, this can help the customer’s decision-making process in your favor.

While unpredictable forces can work against you in completing a sale, and there are likely many different factors weighing on your customer’s mind, there are also some ways to push the scale in your favor. These simple and very basic human psychological instincts should be considered during interactions with your prospective customers.

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