Winter is the perfect time for a website tune-up

For many dealers, winter is the time of year when much-needed attention is given to their website, often resulting in a fresh coat of paint in the form of a new graphical look. Although that fresh coat of paint looks great, it is important to go beyond appearance and give the site’s content an overall tune-up.

Before the arrival of spring, commit to giving your entire website content a once over. As a result, you’ll receive benefits that can include improved SEO rankings and thus, increased traffic to your website, increased time spent on your site due to relevant content and increased sales.

Make a plan to fine-tune your site one page at a time. Your maintenance checklist should include these action items:

  • Review your vehicle inventory listings. All pre-owned units should be listed on the website, should be priced competitively for your market and include multiple images (the more images, the better!).
  • Each webpage should have current content that effectively represents the services or products listed on the page. For example, your service department page should include information about services you perform and your hours and promote the experience and expertise of your staff, including pertinent awards and certifications. The page also should provide a call to action to obtain requests for service. A prominent phone number or link to a service request form should be easily visible.
  • Evaluate the content of each page for keywords that will help your pages rank successfully on search engines. Using your service page as an example again: If you offer a service such as dyno tuning, you will want customers who search for this type of service to find your dealership in their online search results. To achieve this, it’s important to include mention of these types of services (a.k.a. keywords) on your service page’s content and meta data.
  • Look for pages that are obsolete that should be removed from your site and plan to add pages for services not currently represented on your site.

If your staff doesn’t have a chance to achieve this before spring, then consider asking your website provider for additional help or guidance. Either way, give your website a tune-up now for top performance during 2013.

Laura Reinders is the marketing manager for PowerSports Network and Traffic Log Pro.



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