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Take your online accessory sales to the next level

An important step to grow your business online is to set up an e-commerce store loaded with all of your products. Once set, you need to consider the best way to sell accessories and other products on your site. What website elements deliver an outstanding customer experience and set your store apart from your competition? Basic product photos and descriptions fall short and don’t help you stand out. For now, let’s focus on the content and features you can develop to push your accessory sales to the next level.

When looking to increase online accessory sales, you should consider the product information your customers see and the ways they find that information (product content and navigation). Product content and navigation go hand-in-hand. Your website will not be as successful as it can be if you focus on one and neglect the other.

Great product content includes a clear set of product attributes — size, material and color for example. Clear product attributes help customers identify the product they want and allow you to build a robust product search feature. A robust search capability helps customers find products using those attributes. 

The next level of online accessory sales:

The strategies you use to sell parts online often overlap with the strategies used to sell accessories. The difference? Consumers typically view accessories as “fun purchases,” so make sure you take advantage of that in your product content. 

Finding Accessories (Navigation) 

  • Robust, easy-to-use search allows consumers to find products using attributes such as color, size, price, material, etc.
  • Search with autocomplete recommendations, such as matching product names, brands, categories and subcategories helps funnel potential buyers to the right page.
  • A “Quick View” panel on browsing pages enables consumers to quickly view the product details and “add to cart.”

 Seeing the Accessories (Product Content) 

  • Multiple, large, clear product photos (from different angles) help keep buyers excited about the accessory.
  • Product videos allow prospects to really see the product.
  • Product attribute labels, including size, material, etc., help your consumers see the exact product options available.

 Boosting Buyer Confidence (Social Proof) 

  • Product reviews allow customers to share their product experience and “hear” what others think about the product.
  • Social media sharing widgets help spread the word on products and promotes sales based on perceived popularity by displaying the number of social media shares a product received.
  • Links to show related products connect buyers products they may also be interested in. 

Managing Products (Inventory Information) 

  • DMS integration allows you to save a customer’s accessory wish list.
  • Product availability helps set buyers’ expectation for when they can get their product.
  • New products highlighted as they become available are a great way to excite consumers and keep them coming back to your website. Plus, it can help your search engine ranking.
  • Seasonal promotions and special events compel your prospects to get their accessories now.

Following these tips will help you push your online accessory sales to the next level and sell more stuff.

Brad Smith is director of product management and general manager of aftermarket at ARI, a leading provider of technology-enabled business solutions for dealers, distributors and manufacturers in the powersports, marine, outdoor power equipment and RV industries. Products and services include e-commerce-enabled websites, lead generation, lead management, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and eCatalogs (parts, garments, and accessories).




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