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Women’s Motorcycle Tours partners with Mad Maps

As the official maps partner for the Suffragists Centennial Motorcycle Ride (SCMR2021), Mad Maps will be providing limited edition printed maps as well as working with Women’s Motorcycle Tours (WMT) to produce the road books given to riders. Mad Maps will have a presence at the Women’s Motorcycle Festival and Conference in Arlington, Virginia, and as premium map makers and information gatherers will be producing the programs coordinated with WMT. Both special edition Centennial Ride maps and road books will be available to all riders participating in all or part of the SCMR2021 ride from Portland, Oregon, to Arlington, Virginia.

“I’ve been using Mad Maps for both my personal motorcycle trips as well as building women’s motorcycle tours for more than a decade now,” said said WMT founder Alisa Clickenger. “Mad Maps are designed specifically for motorcyclists and highlight all the best roads and cool things to stop and see. I especially like how they offer just the right amount of information to make trip planning easy, yet not so much detail that I get overwhelmed with information and can’t make a decision about where to go or what roads I should take.”

In addition to the limited edition printed maps, Mad Maps will be working with WMT to actively promote the Centennial Ride through several media, including information distribution to current email subscribers, social media and more.

Founded by Jenny Lefferts, according to the announcement Mad Maps is all about helping find the most scenic route with the most unusual and unique attractions. From Rock ‘n’ Roll roadhouses to rubber band museums, they’ve scouted the stuff that makes getting there so much fun.

Mad Maps has developed and published an extensive library of rides across America, including classics like Route 66 and interesting paths to nowhere like Key West. They believe a well-used map is like a trusted friend; someone who is always there they are needed. As MAD Maps moves into the third decade of the 21st Century, their goal is to take this valuable palette of road trips and extend it to new horizons.

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