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Polaris donates machines to Salvation Army

Over the last nine years, Polaris’ contributions of nearly $1 million in off-road vehicles have enabled the Salvation Army’s disaster relief effort. Whether a wildfire, earthquake, flood, hurricane, or the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, The Salvation Army’s ability to deliver emergency supplies into remote areas of need has greatly benefitted from its partnership with Polaris.

Most recently, the Salvation Army in Montana received two Polaris Ranger 570s from Helena Cycle Center.

“In the last decade, we’ve endured everything from hurricanes and earthquakes to tornadoes and wildfires,” said Commissioner Kenneth Hodder, National Commander of The Salvation Army, in an announcement. “Now, we’re battling these natural disasters on top of a raging pandemic. We can’t thank our partners like Polaris enough for the aid they provide to help immediate and long-term recovery needs. Not only does it enable us to assist communities as they rebuild during long-term recovery processes, but it also inspires hope.”

Polaris’ contributions have been a vital asset to the Army’s disaster response teams, increasing its capacity to distribute emergency supplies and support search and rescue operations. Last year alone, Polaris contributed 17 off-road vehicles to assist in the Western and Southern Territory’s response to the country’s worst hurricane and wildfire seasons in recent history. Polaris’ vehicles have also been assets during long-term recovery and cleanup processes that communities are often faced with after disaster strikes.

“Polaris has long supported the charitable efforts of The Salvation Army, and we are proud that our donations of off-road vehicles, generators and funds have assisted in serving affected communities,” said Lucy Clark Dougherty, president of the Polaris Foundation and SVP, General Counsel, “We are looking forward to continued partnership and service to disaster-stricken communities.”

To date, Polaris has provided:
– 10 vehicles for response to Hurricane Sandy in 2012
– 10 vehicles for response to tornadoes in Oklahoma in 2013
– 11 vehicles and several pallets of Polaris Power Generators for response to tornadoes in Oklahoma in 2014
– 10 vehicles for disaster response in the Western United States in 2016
– 10 vehicles and 20 Polaris Power Generators for response to Hurricane Matthew in 2016
– Nine vehicles for use at The Salvation Army’s Northwood Camp in 2017
– 17 vehicles for response to disasters in the Western and Southern United States in 2020
– 10 Polaris Power Generators for response to deadly winter storms in Texas and surrounding states in 2021

On top of ongoing emergency disaster response, The Salvation Army is providing continued relief efforts amid COVID-19. Since last March, the organization has provided 225 million meals, 1.7 million additional nights of shelter, and emotional and spiritual care to almost one million people nationwide.

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