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MSF to host series of regional workshops in 2020

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation will be conducting a series of regional Rider Education Training System workshops across the country this year. These rRETS are one- to two-day professional development workshops offering a variety of activities to help RiderCoaches become more effective motorcycle safety professionals.

“These targeted development workshops help RiderCoaches improve their ability to deliver MSF curricula through a better understanding of MSF philosophy and underpinnings, and quality assurance approaches and practices,” said Robert Gladden, MSF vice president of training operations. 

Facilitated by Dr. Ray Ochs, MSF vice president of training systems, activities can be customized per location, jurisdictional policies, and program resources. Common topics include RiderCoach levels and ways to improve classroom and range activities; an in-depth review of range exercises and the use of slide decks; forthcoming MSF programs, including Level 2 eCourse and Rider-Mentor certification; a review of the RETSORG library; an update on training and education trends; and a series of Q&As.

“There are several reasons we really like rRETS,” Gladden said. “For one, it’s a more intimate setting, with groups of 25 to 100 RiderCoaches. This can allow for broader discussions and more Q&As. Also, these workshops allow RiderCoaches to hone in on issues or rules that may be particular to their region.”

The MSF has already scheduled rRETS in Kansas, New York, South Carolina, and West Virginia. There will also be a one-day RiderCoach Trainer professional development workshop in Columbus, Ohio, in October, in conjunction with AIMExpo presented by Nationwide. Details on the Columbus workshop will be released in the summer.

The MSF has conducted international conferences, or IRETS, every year since 2010. This year, rRETS and the RiderCoach Trainer workshop will be held in place of an IRETS, which is expected to return in 2021.

All RiderCoaches are encouraged to register for an rRETS in their region.

Program managers interested in scheduling an rRETS in their area should contact Cathy Rimm at

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