Lucas Oil Products announces executive VP’s retirement

Lucas Oil Products has announced the retirement of Robert “Bob” Patison, long term Executive Vice President of Lucas Oil Products, President of MAVTV, and former General Counsel, effective December 31, 2019. Bob joined the company in its infancy back in 1994 and was instrumental in helping Lucas Oil grow to a multinational enterprise. 

Forrest Lucas who, along with his wife Charlotte, founded Lucas Oil, praised Bob for his many years of leadership and steadfast loyalty of service to the company and all of its employees. 

“Bob has been a part of the backbone of this company. His expertise will surely be missed,” said Lucas. 

Bob’s wife, Dawn Patison, is also retiring from the company after 25 years of service. Dawn held the position of Studio Operations Director and played a significant role in the formation of the Lucas Oil Production Studios.

Both Bob and Dawn plan to settle, at least temporarily, at their new home in Big Bear Mountain. Bob stated, “Dawn and I made a lot of friends at Lucas Oil, and we will miss our daily interaction with them. We are looking forward to some peaceful time with our children and grandchildren.”

The company has not announced who will assume the responsibilities of Bob and Dawn.