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MIC Symposium in Long Beach to follow-up on AIMExpo launch

To promote increased ridership, the 21st annual MIC Communications Symposium will spotlight “on-code” messages that can be utilized by all powersports companies, working together with a common purpose. This step forward follows last month’s MIC presentation of the initial strategic framework for the long-term effort to get more riders, riding more.

“Since September and that opening session at AIMExpo presented by Nationwide, we’ve worked to refine the strategy,” said Erik Pritchard, incoming MIC president and CEO. “At the symposium next month, we’ll share actionable knowledge that will serve as the first step, across the industry, to speaking on-code to potential and legacy riders. By gaining a deeper understanding of motorcycling’s culture code of personal sovereignty we all dramatically increase the likelihood that our messages to potential riders will be heard.”

Attendees at the symposium, Nov. 21 in Long Beach, California, will take part in a workshop that will share tools and information to create the right on-code messages.

View the strategic presentation on ridership at the opening session of AIMExpo presented by Nationwide:

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