Scott Fischer Enterprises launches digital lead service; 6-minute lead follow-up time

A new digital lead service from dealership group Scott Fischer Enterprises converts digital assets into more showroom appointments, according to a press release from the company.

Digital Lead Performance, or DLP, is a business enhancement designed by motorcycle dealers for motorcycle dealers. DLP is a highly specialized service that maximizes online leads, turning them into selling opportunities for a fraction of the cost of establishing a business development center.

With impeccable response time, crafted scripting and tenacious follow-up, DLP’s team of trained professionals turn dealers’ incoming digital leads into kept showroom appointments. The test-marketed service delivered outstanding results during a pilot program.

Currently, DLP follows up with leads in under six minutes from initial online inquiry and sets up appointments with greater than 75 percent of those leads. More than half of those appointments are kept and, best of all, more than 30 percent of appointments result in sales — with some client dealers performing as high as 40 percent.

“We’re bike dealers, and like other bike dealers, we simply want to sell more motorcycles,” Scott Fischer Enterprises CEO Scott Fischer said. “The old way of having our floor sales staff handle the digital leads from our website wasn’t effective, so we developed and test-marketed a program with proven results that exceed expectations. Now, we want to share this with other dealers.”

The Scott Fischer Enterprises team brings more than 30 years of experience buying, selling, founding and managing award-winning motorsports dealerships. DLP is one of several services offered through Scott Fischer Enterprises.

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