Industry veterans elected to MIC Board of Directors

Two veteran industry leaders, Jeff Brown of EagleRider and Tim Calhoun of Helmet House, Inc., have been elected to join the Motorcycle Industry Council Board of Directors. MIC members also re-elected Andy Leisner of Bonnier Motorcycle Group to the board. The men will join the board for two-year terms.

Jeff Brown

“As the motorcycle industry looks to appeal to new riders in this era of disruption and change, we welcome the voices of experienced leaders from various fields in the industry,” said MIC Board Chairman Paul Vitrano, senior assistant general counsel at Polaris Industries. “Andy, Jeff and Tim not only have the expertise we need, they are passionate enthusiasts who bring new energy to the table. I’m looking forward to serving with them on the board,” Vitrano said.

Tim Calhoun

“I’m honored to be selected for another term,” said Leisner, senior vice president, managing director of Bonnier Motorcycle Group, who has served on the board for four years. “Increasing ridership has been a goal of my work at the MIC, and we have made great strides in putting non-riders on motorcycles. We have plans to further drive this initiative in 2019, and I’m proud to work for the industry to grow motorcycling in America,” Leisner said.

Andy Leisner

Brown, co-founder and chief administrative officer of EagleRider, has seen many changes in the motorcycle industry since he made it his profession more than 25 years ago. “I find that people are more focused now than ever on experiences when it comes to leisure. Because growing ridership is one of the greatest challenges that face our industry, I hope my experience in the travel and tourism aspect of motorcycling can add value to all MIC members through my service on the board,” Brown said. “Thank you for electing me. It is my humble pleasure to serve this great organization.”

Calhoun, national sales manager of Helmet House, Inc., has worked 30 years in the powersports industry in various roles, from building brands to starting companies and consulting. “My current role with Helmet House gives me direct insight into the ever-changing retail environment and the daily challenges dealers face,” Calhoun said. “I’m excited to join the MIC Board of Directors and hope to leverage my wisdom and experience to be a valuable contributor, helping to strengthen the entire powersports industry.”

Leisner, Brown and Calhoun join Vitrano, MIC Board Vice Chair Chuck Boderman, vice president, motorcycle division of American Honda Motor Co., Inc.; Secretary/Treasurer Jim Woodruff, chief operating officer of National Powersport Auctions; Eric Anderson, founder and president of VROOM Network; Derek Brooks, motorcycle product line manager, marketing/product planning at Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A.; Kerry Graeber, vice president MC/ATV sales & marketing of Suzuki Motor of America, Inc.; John Hinz, president of KTM North America, Inc.; Bill Jenkins, senior vice president sales and operations at Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A.; and Mike Peyton, vice president of BMW Motorrad USA, on the board.

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