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Tracking and recovery product now offers 4G LTE device

AL3RT GPS announced that it has redesigned its hardware and user interface, and is now offering a 4G LTE device. The modifications allow the AL3RT GPS product to keep up to date with new technology while giving dealers more options for the same cost.

AL3RT GPS is the only powersports GPS company with a 4G LTE device, the company said.

The new device can update every two minutes and has very little power consumption, resulting in less worry of battery draw problems. Dealerships now have the ability to set a mileage maintenance alert on vehicles in order to remind the dealership to contact their customer for upcoming service work.

Dealerships also can use the AL3RT GPS lot management software and devices for free before they sell them to consumers.

In addition, a partnership between AL3RT GPS and Aegis Powersports allows Aegis dealers to order AL3RT GPS through their dealer login.

The consumer experience with AL3RT GPS also has been improved. Its user-friendly interface gives customers more options. Customers can set a theft fence and motion alerts with specific days and times for notification of motion. With the new AL3RT GPS mobile app, customers can set all alerts and change settings directly from their phone. AL3RT GPS offers a theft guarantee that covers up to $1,000 of the customer’s insurance deductible if the vehicle is ever stolen and not recovered within 30 days.

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