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Report: Texas dealership to move into old furniture store

Holiday Powersports, based in Sherman, Texas, announced plans to expand into a nearby 25,000 square foot nearby furniture store, which announced that it was closing in April, according to a report from the Herald Democrat.

Owner Matt Johnson said he expected to close on the property within the next month and begin renovations this summer, but due to a non-disclosure agreement with Haverty’s, Johnson said he could not discuss the projected sale price of the property until the deal was finalized. General manager Alvin Childress said the search for a new property started approximately six months ago amid the realization that the business was outgrowing its current location. Despite the proximity, Childress said Holiday Powersports would not shutter its current store and hoped to open the new facility this fall.

“The retail business has really taken off for us, so we’ve looked for different locations and this seemed to meet our needs,” Childress said. “The building is fairly new and, for the most part, everything we needed is there.”

Johnson said he expected the renovations to cost several hundred thousand dollars, but declined to provide a more specific figure. Childress said additional employees would be hired to staff both the new and existing stores and the added space of the new location would allow Holiday Powersports to effectively double its inventory and better entice new powersport vehicle vendors to strike a deal with the retailer.

To read the full report, click here.

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