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Yamaha releases footage of 2019 NIKEN Leaning Multi-Wheel motorcycle

Yamaha Motor Corp. posted a new video featuring the 2019 NIKEN Leaning Multi-Wheel motorcycle on their website and social media channels.

Introduced to the world at the EICMA motorcycle show in late 2017, the all-new Yamaha NIKEN is about to open up a whole new dimension in riding control. With its revolutionary Leaning Multi-Wheel platform, the NIKEN introduces a totally new concept to the world of motorcycling and takes corner carving confidence to another level.

The new NIKEN has many rider benefits coming from the unique new technology, and the new technical video released today by Yamaha gives a full explanation of the key features used in the new LMW design.

In the latest video released by Yamaha, each aspect of the LMW Ackermann steering geometry is explained with detailed visuals that highlight how this unique new system benefits the NIKEN rider. The video shows it all, from the LMW system’s parallelogram link design to the offset joints and dual tube inverted forks, demonstrating how each component contributes to the NIKEN’s excellent cornering performance to create a unique and sporty riding experience. Viewers can also see how the unique hybrid frame combined with a long aluminium swingarm and model-specific chassis geometry work together to create one of today’s most innovative and exciting new models.

To see all three videos about the 2019 NIKEN Leaning Multi-Wheel motorcycle, click here.

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