Harley-Davidson posts largest contingency package in American Flat Track history

Harley-Davidson's 2018 American Flat Track Contingency Program has been released and totals $562,500 – the largest contingency posting in the 65-year history of the sport. The contingency payouts are available exclusively to privateer riders mounted on either Harley-Davidson XG750R or XR750 machines.


A total of $31,250 will be offered by Harley-Davidson at each of the 18 American Flat Track rounds in 2018. The contingency payout is structured as follows:

  1. $10,000
  2. $8,000
  3. $6,000
  4. $2,000
  5. $1,500
  6. $1,250
  7. $1,000
  8. $750
  9. $500
  10. $250

To be eligible to collect contingency payouts while competing on the XG750R, riders are required to run the official Harley-Davidson factory bodywork.

The 2018 American Flat Track season will kick off with the DAYTONA TT on Thursday, March 15. 

One comment

  1. Great that HD puts up $562K. (now that they have some competition)

    That said,
    Baseball, Football and Basketball players.. won't even... yawn.. for any money, that small.

    Face it, the $562k, isn't even a "rounding error" on the books of a NFL or baseball, owner!

    If we want to be in the BIG Sports Leagues....and compete with those other sports,

    The Manufacturers need to step up those purses significantly!

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