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Piaggio announces new products across its four brands

Piaggio revealed new models across all four of its product lines — Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Piaggio and Vespa — at EICMA in Milan, Italy. 

Vespa Elettrica

Electric mobility has never been so fascinating, stylish and elegant: Vespa Elettrica is not just an electric scooter, it is Vespa Elettrica, a contemporary work of art with a technological heart. Vespa Elettrica means easy, but natural, driving. It means total connectivity and silence, customization and accessibility, values that have always been a part of Vespa and which today find their fullest implementation.

The heart of Vespa Elettrica, a Power Unit capable of delivering continuous power of 2 kW and peak power of 4 kW, achieves a performance superior to a traditional 50cc scooter, especially with regard to acceleration, which benefits from the typical brilliant delivery of the electric motors. It provides an agile and enjoyable ride on urban roads, in the utmost silence: Vespa Elettrica is in fact completely silent, helping to make cities less chaotic and more livable, while also countering pollution from an acoustic point of view.

Vespa Elettrica guarantees a range of 100 km, and in order to provide a complete response to the growing demand for clean mobility, it also appears in the X version which, by placing a generator alongside the electric motor, doubles its range. The modern lithium-ion battery does not require maintenance or special precautions: for charging it is only necessary to use the cable in the seat compartment and connect the plug to a normal wall-mounted electrical outlet or to one of the increasingly present public charging station in large cities. The time required for a full charge is 4 hours.

Vespa Elettrica is not just a silent, environmentally-friendly and technologically advanced vehicle; it is also highly connected: the many features offered by a new version of the Vespa Multimedia Platform, the multimedia system that connects the smartphone to the vehicle, can be managed through a completely new man-machine interface that incorporates digital color instrumentation with a TFT display.

Vespa Elettrica will be wholly produced in Pontedera and from there will be distributed throughout the world in 2018.

Vespa Primavera

For the 2018 Vespa Primavera there is added improvement with a series of updates that enhance comfort, safety and renew their style. The most important news comes from the size of the wheel rims: made of aluminum alloy and distinguished by an unusual five-spoke design, they are now both 12”. The bike’s active safety has also expanded thanks to the LED lighting technology now being used in the front and rear headlights, while the Bike Finder and the remote-control seat opener are now standard. Vespa Primavera benefits from further operations that renew its line, thus distinguishing it from previous versions. What are new are the distinctive “tie” featured on the front and the chrome crest on the front mudguard.

Another great new feature launched at EICMA 2017 is the Vespa Primavera S: in addition to all the new features that enhance the range, the sporty version of the beloved Vespa adopts totally digital instrumentation through a 4.3” full color TFT display. The instrument, in addition to displaying all the classic information, works as a display for the Vespa Multimedia Platform in its latest release.


Vespa Primavera 50th Anniversary celebrates the first fabulous 50 years of a timeless classic. Offered with the i-get 50cc and 150cc engines, it is distinguished by the unusual Light Blue and Brown colorways with coordinated seats, the sleek grey finish of the five-spoke wheels and of course the logo that elegantly marks the back shield.

Vespa Sprint

For the 2018 Vespa Sprint has undergone a number of stylistic and technical evolutions. The active safety has been enhanced thanks to the LED lighting technology now adopted on both the front and rear headlights while the Bike Finder and the remote-control seat opener are now standard. Also new is the “tie” featured on the front, an addition that brings the Vespa Sprint line up to date, thus distinguishing it from previous versions.

Vespa Sprint S further accentuates Vespa Sprint’s sporty styling and is designed to be the most spirited of Vespa’s “small body” family. The most important new feature is the instrumentation which, as in the sister model Primavera S, is a full color TFT multifunction display.

Moto Guzzi Concept V85

This is another step by Moto Guzzi towards the future, which will bring the Como Eagle to celebrate its 100-year anniversary in 2021 with a new range of motorcycles built on the technical base of the Concept V85. It is a motorcycle dedicated to destinations, which has always been the heritage of Moto Guzzi in their purest and most original manner, which bring to mind the epic and adventurous rally raids of the 1980s, a world from which it has inherited style, charm and emotion, but which has been designed to face both every day and long-range roads, according to the most up-to-date requirements and the forthcoming ventures.

The Concept V85 pays tribute to the great adventurous trips and is dedicated to those who, despite never ceasing to dream of adventurous journeys, are seeking out a motorcycle capable of returning that spirit to their everyday journeys. A new Moto Guzzi engine is being launched in the Concept V85. The construction design is proprietary and excludes the entire current Moto Guzzi production: in fact, it is a two-cylinder 90° transverse air-cooled 850cc which, thanks to its complete redesign, has 80 HP of maximum power. This feature, coupled with the powerful torque at low speeds typical of all Moto Guzzi two-cylinders and the lightness of the Concept V85, make it fun to use in for on-road and off-road riding.

Moto Guzzi V7 III New Versions

The V7 III family growing with the new special versions, as Moto Guzzi’s homage to the art of customization. They are distinguished by the different layout obtained by using originality and competence to introduce a series of high quality special parts, capable of returning to each motorcycle a very different connotation and a unique character. The V7 III Carbon (in limited edition and numbered) celebrates customization, when interpreted with originality and good taste, combining V7’s authentic style with the precious and modern quality of many carbon fiber components, as well as numerous other contrasting details in red color as the engine heads, the seams of the new seat in Alcantara material and the Brembo front brake caliper.

The V7 III Rough is distinguished by the knobby tires cast on radial spokes and the many details that give V7 III Rough a country citizen style. The equipment is completed by the dedicated seat with stitching, a passenger grab strap and the pair of aluminum side fairings. The V7 III Milano is distinguished by its highly refined style and high-end gear, including dual circular instrumentation, chrome exhausts and passenger handlebars. It is distinguished by the shiny colors of the tank and for the spoked wheels that contribute to giving it a modern look. The standard equipment is completed by prestigious details such as the aluminum fenders and side fairings.

Piaggio MP3 500

There is a new version of the original and most popular three-wheeled scooter: more features and more comfort, with improved design and finishes. The Piaggio MP3 500 Sportnew layout features a redesigned grille on the front shield and full LED lighting system. Also new is the more protective smoky windshield and the seat with more comfortable padding, equipped with a new backrest for the passenger. It also boasts new handlebars. The standard equipment is improved featuring more spirited and effective gas shock absorbers as well as a pair of front disc brakes with a daisy profile. The Piaggio MP3 500 is equipped with a single cylinder, revised in numerous details and now able to assure 10% more power (now 41 HP), with better exhaust sound and very low fuel consumption. ABS and ASR (traction) remains standard. There is no change to the exclusive Piaggio technology for the dual independent and tilting front wheels, which are regulated by a unique four bar linkage suspension, which the leading Group in Europe designed and developed before any other manufacturer in the world to ensure maximum riding pleasure in complete safety.

Aprilia Racing Factory Works kit

Aprilia Racing is the most advanced Piaggio Group platform for the development of technology applied first to racing bikes and then to factory models. The Racing Division that has brought the Noale-based Manufacturer 54 world titles, launched the “Factory Works” program last year to make the same technology developed for the Aprilia RSV4 — seven-time World Superbike champion — available to anyone who wants to compete in top-level championships for standard derivatives or for those who simply want to have an RSV4 with optimized performance for track use.

The program has been expanded with the introduction of an Aprilia RSV4 kit that maximizes engine performance, reduces overall weight and improves aerodynamics. Thanks to new pistons, different heads, full racing exhaust and regenerated control unit, the engine reaches 215 HP. The additions that lighten it include a lithium battery, a new fuel tank, which, together with the complete exhaust system, some carbon pieces and the aluminum upper casting plate made in a single piece, carry a total weight of around 10 kg. The new Factory Works kit can be further enriched by a flush mount set featuring aerodynamic appendages, developed by Aprilia on the RS-GP prototype used in the MotoGP World Championship.

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  1. The new Guzzi V85 project promises more new models to come based on the drivetrain package shown, is a possible Griso replacement in the works? We can also hope a new LeMans is forthcoming, but I am willing to wait for the water pumper for that. Stay tuned more goodies to come from Mandello. Ciao

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