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Driverless GEMs to be tested in Detroit

Polaris’s electric GEM vehicles, outfitted with self-driving technology from May Mobility, will be tested in downtown Detroit from Oct. 9-13, reported the Star Tribune. The test will be conducted by robotics firm May Mobility and Bedrock LLC, a Detroit-based commercial real estate firm. The two electric vehicles will have human drivers on board, but the people behind the wheel will not intervene with driving unless there is an emergency.

May Mobility’s CEO Edwin Olson told the Star Tribune, “We are doing just three hours of service a day. For us, this pilot is really about making contact with the ball. Autonomous vehicles are new. There is a lot of stuff for us to learn about technology.”

According to the article, “during the five-day test, the autonomous shuttles will ferry Bedrock’s workers to and from their offices and parking ramps around downtown Detroit. By law, the GEM vehicles can only travel 25 miles per hour on public streets with 35 mph signage.”

To read the full Star Tribune story, click here.

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