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DX1, RpmOne partner on F&I integration

DX1 has announced the availability of F&I integration with RpmOne through DX1’s DMS. This new integration between DX1 and RpmOne enables dealers to send buyer and sales unit information directly from the DX1 DMS to RpmOne, helping eliminate duplicate data entry. Once the data is received by RpmOne, dealers can manage and create their F&I sales within RpmOne’s IQ system. DX1 is providing this service free to all customers.

“RpmOne is very excited about the recent integration partnership with DX1. We are certain this partnership will add an additional layer of ease and simplicity to our e-contracting system,” said Breanne Morley, president, Interstate National Dealer Services, holding company of RpmOne.

The RpmOne F&I platform will enable dealers to process F&I transactions quickly and easily, resulting in increased sales volume and profit levels. Some of the features include: creating eligible contracts, customizing an electronic menu, batching sold contracts, generating accurate invoices and offering electronic payment.

“This new integration between our DMS and RpmOne provides another level of efficiency and time savings for our customers. We are always looking to add features that will enable dealers to grow their business and create an improved experience for their customers,” said Jeff Littlejohn, president of DX1.  

DX1 is providing this service free to all customers. If you are currently using RpmOne services, contact to enable this integration for your dealership.

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