Parts Unlimited announces new sales reps

Kevin Smitka

Parts Unlimited has added Kevin Smitka, Brad Manis and Dave Cleveland to its growing team of sales representatives. Smitka will cover the Northeast region in Eastern New York as a sales rep, while Manis will cover the Mid-Atlantic region and Cleveland will cover the South Central region.

Smitka brings decade’s worth of knowledge and experience to Drag, after many years of owning his own motorcycle shop. He started his love for motorcycles as a child riding dirt bikes, eventually buying a street bike at 16, and his first Harley at 19. In his spare time, Smitka enjoys wrenching on his ride, along with various shooting sports. 

Brad Manis

Manis will serve the Mid-Atlantic region as sales rep, will be covering Southeast Kentucky, Northeast Tenessee and Southwest Virginia. A 14-year veteran of motocross racing, Manis is a master mechanic who has spent time on various racing circuits, lending his skills to racing perfection. When he isn’t helping others find their perfect set-up, Brad likes to customize and build RZR side-by-sides and stand-up jet skis.

Dave Cleveland

Cleveland has been named the new sales rep for the South Central region covering Houston, Texas. Cleveland is a parts expert in the Houston area, spending most of his career as a parts manager and sales associate at a couple of Houston’s fine dealerships. An avid dirt bike rider since the age 12, Cleveland upgraded to riding sport bikes and cruisers at 17, and the rest is history. When he isn’t spreading his knowledge of powersports parts, Cleveland can be found riding and building RC race cars, and spending quality time with his family. 

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