Kawasaki recalls 15K youth ATVs due to fire hazard

Kawasaki has issued a recall for approximately 15,000 ATV units when it was found that on affected models, the fuel tap can leak and pose a fire hazard. This recall involves 2013-17 KFX50 and 2012-17 KFX90 Kawasaki ATVs.

The recalled ATVs have four wheels and seating for one person and were sold in a variety of colors. The model name is printed on the right and left front fender. The vehicle identification number (VIN) is located on the front of the steel frame behind the bumper. 

Model Year     Model        VIN Range
2013 KFX50 RGSWA04A8DB100101-RGSWA04A3DB800110
2014 KFX50 RGSWA04A6EB100101-RGSWA04A1EB800110
2015 KFX50 RGSWA04A4FB100101-RGSWA04A3FBA00106
2016 KFX50 RGSWA04A2GB100101-RGSWA04A6GBA00120
2017 KFX50 RGSWA04A0HB100101-RGSWA04AXHB800112
KFX50 RGSWA04A4HB180101-RGSWA04A7HB180352
2012 KFX90 RGSWE07AXCB100101-RGSWE07A1CB100827
2013 KFX90 RGSWE07A8DB100101-RGSWE07A3DB800110
2014 KFX90 RGSWE07A6EB100101-RGSWE07A7EB800130
2015 KFX90 RGSWE07A4FB100101-RGSWE07A0FB500110
2016 KFX90 RGSWE07A2GB100101-RGSWE07A8GB800110
2017 KFX90 RGSWE07A9HBC10101-RGSWE07A2HBC11171

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled ATVs and contact Kawasaki for a free repair. 

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