AL3RTGPS announces Theft Guarantee

AL3RTGPS announced the release of its new $1,000 Theft Guarantee. This guarantee is now bundled with all AL3RTGPS products and sold exclusively through the AL3RTGPS nationwide network of powersports dealerships and retailers.

A $1,000 Theft Guarantee will be provided and included with all AL3RTGPS products at no additional cost to the customer. This is one more way AL3RTGPS assists its selling partners provide additional value to customers. The AL3RTGPS theft guarantee promises to reimburse a customer’s paid insurance deductible back to them up to $1,000 maximum if the AL3RTGPS product cannot find the vehicle during a theft incident.

AL3RTGPS has long history of working with dealerships and motorcycle enthusiasts to provide cutting edge GPS products and services that bring real value and provide peace of mind to the client. AL3RTGPS and its national team of sales professionals work toward continual product improvement so that its sales channel partners have the very finest in F&I products.

Tony Tarell, director of Sales for AL3RTGPS said, “Our team is very excited about this new offering and is committed to providing only the best possible protection and value to our clients and customers. The addition of this guarantee shows our commitment to the customer, and our confidence in the AL3RTGPS brand. We are excited to get the word out to our dealers.”

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