Industry execs sign letter published in The Wall Street Journal

A host of industry executives were among more than 100 outdoor recreation representatives who signed an open letter published in The Wall Street Journal that praised the agenda being set by Department of the Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke during the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency.

These leading executives represent many segments of the $887 billion outdoor recreation industry including the shooting, hunting, archery, camping, fishing, marine, motorcycle, powersports, hospitality and recreation vehicle sectors.

Among those who signed the letter were:

Tim Buche, president and CEO, Motorcycle Industry Council

Frank Esposito, president and CEO, Scorpion Sports, Inc.

Fred Fox, CEO, Parts Unlimited/LeMans Corp.

Matt Gruhn, president, Marine Retailers Association

Andre Lacy, chairman, LDI, Ltd. MAG: Biker’s Choice-Tucker Rocky

Craig Shoemaker, owner/CEO, WPS

In the letter, the industry expresses enthusiasm about Secretary Zinke, a strong supporter of outdoor recreation. Since his confirmation, Secretary Zinke has been working closely with the Outdoor Recreation Industry Roundtable (ORIR) to increase access to recreational opportunities and enjoyment on all federal lands and waters.

In addition to increasing access, ORIR is working with the Administration to establish public-private partnerships as an entrepreneurial mechanism for addressing part of the $20 billion in deferred maintenance and to achieve a better balance in decisions involving recreation and conservation.

Read the open letter here.


  1. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke just suspended all RAC (resource advisory committee) activity until September. This will freeze all pending OHV work that the RAC was working on. In our area (Oregon) this will greatly impact the momentum for recreational activities that were in-process -- set us back at least a year or more.

  2. The fly in the ointment are states such as Utah that are selling off public land that is now close to everyone except the new landowner. Lyman Family Farm Inc bought over 5,000 acres of previous public land and places a gate and lock barring entrance. If these states continue down this idiotic path of selling off land we'll have no place other than Disneyland and the National Parks to visit

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