Dealer excited for Harley-Davidson 5-year plan

Ozzie Giglio, CEO of 13-dealership group Windy City Motorcycle Company, shared with Powersports Business his thoughts on Harley-Davidson’s plan to release 50 new motorcycles over the next five years. The following message is from Giglio:

Motorcycles are becoming more popular than ever before. While people used to think of motorcycles only as ‘edgy,’ bikes are no longer just for bad boys (or even just boys). In fact, more people bought ‘commuter’ motorcycles in 2015 than they did over the last 30 years and the ladies are purchasing bikes and riding in unprecedented numbers.

To meet this growing demand, Harley-Davidson just announced that it is planning to unveil 50 new motorcycles during the next five years. The company has seen positive global growth in recent years, and it is planning to build on this advantage with one simple strategy: Develop more riders, and create more bikes to help meet this growing market demand.  

Harley insiders are saying a 2017 model is definitely the one to get because of the new Milwaukee Eight engine which provides more power, comfort and control.  Ozzie Giglio, Windy City Motorcycle Company CEO, noted “that the 17’s will hold their value remarkably well if one decides to trade it in later for any of the upcoming models and due to current high demand and low supplies of those specific models.”

Giglio said, “As the owner and operator of multiple motorcycle dealerships and retail locations, I have seen firsthand the impressive increase in motorcycle sales and related products and services, as well as the increased interest in motorcycle riding from people who might never have considered a bike before. Just last year alone, we trained over 1,000 new riders in our motorcycle-training courses, experiencing an unprecedented growth at all of our locations.”

Why does Giglio think that motorcycle riding is becoming more attractive?

“Although the benefits are vast, motorcycle riding provides you with a sense of freedom like no other and makes commuting easier and more fun. Additionally, it has been known to improve overall health (you’ve never seen a motorcycle in front of a psychiatrist’s office, have you?), provides you have the opportunity to meet some of the nicest people around and what better way to do so than on a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.”  

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