Study shows sport bike sales growing by double-digit percent in key cities

Sport motorcycle data provided exclusively to Powersports Business by Statistical Surveys Inc., shows that on a 12-month rolling basis through October 2016, sport bike sales in the U.S. had decreased by 4.7 percent compared to the same period a year ago.

Statistical Surveys Inc. data shows that a total of 75,469 sport bikes had been registered during that period, compared to 79,225 in the year-ago period.

Atlanta and Dallas-Fort Worth dealers bucked the trend, with Atlanta sport bike sales up 10.3 percent and DFW up 10.2 percent, with 1,408 and 1,730 totals, respectively. Houston also had a strong performance during the time period with sport bike sales up 6.6 percent. Seattle-Tacoma sport bike sales were up 0.5 percent.

The Miami-Fort Lauderdale area saw the biggest decrease in sport bike sales, with a 13.8 percent drop. San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose saw a 7.6 percent decrease, and with San Diego dropping 6.7 percent in sport bike sales. Other metro areas on the negative growth side were New York (minus 1.4 percent) and Los Angeles (minus 1.1 percent).

— Dave McMahon


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