Vee Rubber partners with MTA Distributing

MTA Distributing is proud to announce a partnership with Vee Rubber. Vee Rubber Group is the leader in Thailand, in terms of the variety of vehicle tire types produced, bicycle tires, motorcycle tire, passenger tires, truck and bias tires. These are carefully made from selected raw materials using modern manufacturing technology and processes. All group products are of the highest quality possible, and supplied mainly to export, but also domestic markets.

MTA Distributing now distributes all Vee Rubber street, off-road, ATV and dual sport Tires. Vee Rubber's V-Twin tires is a market leader specifically formulated to deliver great grip in dry and wet riding, and extended mileage. The V-Twin sidewall is constructed to accommodate 2-up riding and superior weight carrying capacity to fit the larger displacement motorcycles. Vee Rubbers Off-Road tires is designed exclusively for severe off-road conditions. The exclusive stepped block nob design withstands tearing and chunking of knobs. The Dual Sport tires are a popular tire for larger size bikes that are designed for on and off-road, to meet the terrain needs of all riders. Vee Rubber is expecting a new ATV tire release later this year.

Dealer inquires should contact MTA distributing to become a Vee Rubber retailer.

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