Honda provides production status update at Kumamoto Factory

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has been making a company-wide and all-out effort to resume production at its Kumamoto Factory affected by the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake. As per the original target to restore the plant by mid-August, Honda is now ready to resume production at Kumamoto Factory.

After the earthquake, production at Kumamoto Factory was suspended from the night of April 14. On May 6, the factory resumed the supply of parts for Honda production operations outside of Japan, and then on May 13, the factory resumed assembly of power products.

As for the worst affected motorcycle production, the factory resumed assembly of key models at a reduced volume on June 6, and since then the volume has increased in stages. Now, the FUN line, a production line for large-sized motorcycle models, is ready to resume production. As a result, overall production at Kumamoto Factory was virtually normalized as of August 22, 2016.

Moreover, Yokkaichi Factory of Yachiyo Industry Co., Ltd., where Honda mini-vehicles are produced, has been producing at a partially reduced volume since April 22, due to the interruption in supply of mini-vehicle engine parts which were being produced at Honda’s Kumamoto Factory. It was expected to take approximately half a year to normalize the mini-vehicle production at Yokkaichi Factory. However, Honda is currently preparing its production system to stabilize engine parts supply at the earliest possible time by partially transferring mini-vehicle engine parts production from Kumamoto Factory to Suzuka Factory.

Honda will continue to wish for the earliest possible recovery of the affected area and make the utmost effort to deliver our products to customers who are waiting for our products.

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